In an ever changing world, the one thing we can always count on is ourselves. Patriot Karate believes that you can protect yourself thru Awareness, Proper Targeting, Opportunity Recognition, Muscle Memory, Speed and Accuracy. Armed with the right tools anyone can avoid a potential dangerous situation.

When faced with a life threatening situation you will be taught to strike at the right time and change the outcome of the encounter. These classes are not for self confidence, they are designed to stop a threat immediately and allow you to flee. 

Awareness of the environment is the main part of our training. Look, Listen and Observe where you are and where you are headed. You will never say "It took me by surprise" again. You will see the threat before it happens but if it ever does get to you; how, where and when to strike will be a natural response.

We caution all our students; that in a life threatening situation you will have to make a brutal choice, him or me. By the time we are done training you it won't be a choice it will be habit and bad news for the bad guy.